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The Paso del Norte Trail Adopt-A-Mile program is a cooperative partnership between the public/private sector and the Paso del Norte Trail. Program participants agree to perform four cleanups every year to remove litter and debris along the trail. The Paso del Norte Trail Adopt-A-Mile program will greatly enhance the appearance of the trail and help reduce the amount of trash and debris entering our waterways and polluting the natural habitats of our native wildlife.


How does it work?

  • Identify a segment of the Paso del Norte Trail (approximately one mile in length) that your group would like to adopt.

  • Fill out the online Adopt-A-Mile application:

  • Agree to perform four cleanups every year for a two-year period.

  • Agree to comply with the safety procedures.

  • Submit a very simple report with your cleanup results after each cleanup

What is your commitment?

  • The Paso del Norte Trail encourages a minimum adoption of $100 USD for a two-year period

  • The donation covers the cost of printing the adopt-a-mile sign with business/organization/ family/individual’s name


  • Four cleanups a year, or one cleanup per quarter.

  • Send cleanup data by the end of the month during which the cleanup took place with the following:

    • Date of your event

    • How many people participated

    • How long the cleanup was

    • Weight or volume of the trash collected (ex: three standard trash bags full.. three small plastic bags full..)

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