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The Paso del Norte Trail is a "trail for everyone"

 It is a community-driven, collaborative effort to develop a county-wide trail in El Paso County. The roughly 68–mile span of the Paso del Norte (PdN) Trail is divided into five distinct districts, each broadly defined by their unique geographical, historical, and cultural context, as well as various amenities and attractions that help define them. The goal is to create a regionally significant landmark that promotes active transportation, preserves the history and culture of our region, highlights the Rio Grande river, supports economic development and ecotourism, provides educational and volunteer opportunities, and makes healthy living the easy choice for our unique, binational community. The final result will be a 68+ mile long trail that begins near Gadsden Middle School and ends at the County Line Lakes. 

Leadership &

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation partnered with the Institute for Healthy Living to provide funding and coordination for the trail project. The Health Foundation previously partnered with Sites Southwest and Alta Planning & Design to develop the conceptual master plan.
The Health Foundation hired Quantum Engineering Consultants (formerly Creosote Collaborative) to establish a Trail Advisory Committee that will oversee the administration and operation of the Paso del Norte Trail. The Trail Advisory Committee is chaired by the former TxDOT Chairman Ted Houghton and includes members from both the public and private sectors.

The Paso del Norte Trail has been approved and formally supported by El Paso County, City of El Paso, City of Socorro, City of San Elizario, Village of Vinton, the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority, and El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization, El Paso Zoo, El Paso Zoological Society, the Medical Center for the Americas Foundation, Texas Tech University, Housing Authority of the City of El Paso, National Park Service, and several Neighborhood Associations.

Current Progress

There are currently 20 miles constructed along the main alignment. These completed segments of the trail include:

  • Riverpark Trail (11.5 mi)

  • Country Club Rd (1.5 mi)

  • Paisano/Doniphan Shared Use Path (1.3 mi)

  • Sun Bowl Dr (1.3 mi)

  • Prospect St (0.4 mi)

  • Southwest University Ballpark (0.2 mi)

  • Playa Drain Trail Phase 1 (3 mi)

  • Independence Trail (1 mi)

The Trail Advisory Committee has identified priority segments in the Downtown and Central areas that will begin to connect residential, business, and entertainment destinations in the near future.

Next steps include further collaboration with the City of El Paso as well as El Paso County Water Improvement District #1 to connect Downtown to the Playa Drain Trail segment via the Franklin Canal. 

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Get Involved!

The Advisory Committee and Health Foundation are always seeking feedback on the trail. Leave a comment with your suggestions for how we can create a successful trail together.

Consider becoming a Friend of the Paso del Norte Trail to help support our trail efforts!

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