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Bicycle Safety at the PdN Trail & On the Street

The Paso del Norte Trail is the perfect spot for enjoying a relaxing, family bike ride, or for getting a work out in on your bike. While bike riding is a relaxing, low-impact exercise, there are important guidelines you should follow to maximize your safety.

  1. While riding on the trail watch out for your fellow cyclists and pedestrians. Ride on the right side of the trail, signal your turns, slow down and be cautious when passing pedestrian or other cyclists.

  2. Stay attentive while cycling. Do not wear headphones or use your cell phone while actively cycling. Watch out for hazards such as rocks, vehicles at intersections, and wet pavement.

  3. All cyclists must operate under the Texas Motor Vehicle Laws on public roadways and obey traffic laws, signs, and signals. This means that cyclists must stop at stop signs, yield to pedestrians at crosswalks, have proper illumination while riding in the dark, and ride with the flow of traffic. This is especially important if you ride on the road and on the trail!

  4. Use hand signals to signal your intent to stop, turn left, or turn right.

    1. Stop - Extend the left hand and arm downward

    2. Left Turn - Extend the left hand and arm horizontally

    3. Right Turn - Extend the left hand and upward, or extend the right hand and arm horizontally

4. Most car-cyclist crashes happen at intersections. Keep an eye out for vehicles turning in front of you, turning left across your path, or crossing an intersection of the trail.

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